Jun -July 2017 high schools career day

Oshwal College was invited for a career talk on 24th July 2017 for 86 form fours and 120 form twos at Highridge girl’s secondary school through the career teacher Mrs.Iraki from 2pm to 3pm.The guest speaker for the day was Mr.Boniface Kamau, the Dean of students Oshwal College and Mr.Micheal kinywa the Business development manager. The students were advised on how to make career choices and what courses they can came and pursue at Oshwal College. After the talk the students were allowed to ask questions which were addressed and they were given posters and brochures for the various courses available at Oshwal College. A second session with form fours will take place early in September.

Oshwal College was invited for an open day and career talk on 9th June 2017 at Aghakan high school from 8am to 2pm where over three hundred students from nova academy, Aghakan high school and wama Muslim girls attended .The event attracted other exhibitors from colleges and universities. Oshwal College Dean of students Mr. Boniface Kamau was the speaker of the day representing colleges. He encouraged the students to also focus on professional courses alongside academic courses.

On 10th June 2017 Oshwal College attended the  Aghakan high school year 11graduation from 8am and interacted with the graduands and their parent as well as showcasing the courses on offer in the institution.

On 6th June 2017 Oshwal College attended the Arya boys and Arya girls high school career day from 8am  to 2pm where the Dean of students Mr. Boniface Kamau and the HOD IT Mr. Joel Wainaina were the speaker for the day. The students were advised on various courses that they can pursue at Oshwal College during their long holidays and after they are done with their studies.


Bits and Pieces

if only i could go back
through time
to just be there,
sit in silence,
let the wind whisper past
in no words, find comfort
see the love
one that, through time
is just memories

if the universe allowed
i will be glad
so will wait
be patient and hope
to see the bits and pieces
broken off on the way
as I journeyed by self

Issue 15: Sem 3 spice up some photos for Digital Image Creation & Development (DICD)

Semester 3 were given the task of editing the photos taken by various students during their trip to Mombasa. 

The seaside photos that have been edited portray great editing skills. The inclusion on the tusks on one of the photos highlights the essence of Mombasa.

Mombasa is known for its  winding streets reminiscent of old Arab influence. One photo has been edited to give a feeling of new meets old.

Mamba village is a must-see. Two photos have been craftily edited reflecting why Kenya is indeed magical.

Another photo that caught our eye was the cake photo taken by the environmental team. The editing team beautifully transformed the picture with a ‘Go Green’ message. Just look at the change in background. 

Issue 14: 2016 Holi Festival Of Colours at Oshwal College

The color, noise and entertainment that accompanies the celebration of Holi bears witness to a feeling of oneness and sense of brotherhood. The festival brings home the lesson of spiritual and social harmony!!

Holi has long traditional links with several legends. According to one popular legend, the word Holi is derived from the demoness, Holika. She was the sister of Hiranya Kashipu (the name meaning love of gold and a soft bed), a demon king, who having defeated the gods, proclaimed his supremacy over everyone else in the Universe. Enraged over his son’s ardent devotion to Lord Vishnu, Hiranya Kashipu decides to punish him. He takes the help of his sister, Holika, who is immune to any damage from fire. Holika carries the small boy Prahlad into the fire but a divine intervention destroys her and saves Prahlad from getting burned. Thus Holi is celebrated to mark the burning of the evil Holika. Her effigy is consumed in the fire!


Holi is celebrated with special importance in the North of India. It solemnizes the love of Radha and Krishna. The spraying of colored powders recalls the love sport of Lord Krishna and His devotees.


Issue 8: Nature Walk at Karura Forest

Issue-4-CopyThe environmental, dancing and Photography club students under the leadership of their Patrons went for a nature walk in Karura Forest on 9th March 2016 to appreciate the importance of nature. The afternoon trip started with students watching a 45 minutes clip highlighting the history of Karura forest and the initiatives of Green belt movement under the leadership of Nobel Laureate the Late Prof Professor Wangari Maathai

Thereafter, the students took a 2 hour nature walk inside the forest. They witnessed the indigenous trees and got a chance to take a picture with the oldest Tree in the forest called “Mkombero”. Students also managed to visit the Mau Mau caves, Butterfly Lake and the water fall inside the forest. It was a thrilling trip full of fun and the students learned a lot